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Spoil Me Deathly Hallows

"Don't dream it's over..."

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Harry Potter community for everything from the 7 books to the latest movie.

Talking about book 7 is positively encouraged in this community, if you've got something to share about book 7, bring it along! There is a tag system in place in this community - for easy access to all the 'spoiler' posts! JUST ADDED: We're open for discussion, spoilers, pics, etc. regarding the Deathly Hallows movies! If you have something to share about the films - post it here!

spoil_me_dh Community Rules:

We are a community devoted to book 7: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All things pertaining to DH are welcome here, including icons, commentary/speculation, fanart, fanfiction, etc. We are now also open to any discussion from the last seven books to the latest Harry Potter movie. Fanfiction - rated clearly, - arts, icons and anything else can be posted within the community. JUST ADDED: We are encouraging people to share any news, info, discussion about the Deathly Hallows movies. Bring your movie tidbits here!

Please keep the following things in mind if you would like to post something in our community:

1) We will tolerate NO FLAMING here. Please word your comments and posts in a respectful manner and keep all criticism constructive, not destructive.

2) We are a SPOILER community so no lj-cuts are required for book or movie spoilers, however, "normal" community rules apply in regards to cuts. Please put long posts, anything containing sex/violence/and foul language under a lj-cut. We also require you to use the standard rating system of: NC-17, R, PG-13, Pg, and G. Please submit only high quality entries (edit, check spelling, grammar, etc).

3) If you would like to post an advertisement for another Harry Potter related community or website that is fine, but please limit your post to one only and keep it short!

Thanks for visiting our community

If you have a problem: please contact one of the mods privately, found below.

carentan, ladystrange2000, morningwhiskey, polykleitos, squibblyicecube, lamppostofdeath


we_trust_snape and deathlyh_icons and spoiled_alumni

If you would like to be affiliated with spoil_me_dh, please send an email to Spoil_Me_DH

If you have any questions about book 7, please read the FAQ: